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We hope that as you read the safety measures our studio is taking, you will feel peace knowing that you and your children, as well as our staff and teachers are of great importance to us.

Before Entering the Studio

  • COVID Symptoms Check– Students and/or parents will be asked and required to answer whether the dancer has had any symptoms related to COVID-19 including fever, headache, cough, loss of smell and/or taste,  etc. 
  • Waiting Room- There will be no access to the waiting room and no parent or guardian will be allowed to stay in the waiting room during class. 
  • Pick-up/Drop-off-  In order to maintain safe social distancing, we ask that all parents use the drop-off area in front of the Saw Mill Club for pick-up and drop-off. For our youngest students, parents may come in to drop-off/pick-up but only one parent/dancer may come in at a time.         
  • Changing Rooms- Students are strongly advised to come to dance class already wearing their dance clothing and appropriate shoes. Access to changing rooms will be limited in order to maintain cleanliness and safe distancing.  
  • Hand Sanitizer- Hand sanitizer will be available outside all classrooms. Students will be required to wash hands and/or use hand sanitizer prior to entering. 

While in Class

  • Class Sizes- Class sizes will be limited in order to enforce social distancing. The studio floors will be labeled showing students where to safely stand to keep a safe distance from other dancers. 
  • Masks – Masks must be worn at all times during class. In addition, dancers MUST wear a mask when moving through the Saw Mill Club including entering and exiting the building, using the bathroom, getting water, etc.
  • Water- The Saw Mill Club will not be allowing anyone to drink from the water fountains. They are only to be used to refill water bottles. No cups will be available. We highly encourage students to bring water in their own labeled water bottle. 
  • Leaving Class- Students will be released from class in a staggered fashion in order to minimize crowds and maintain social distancing. 

Keeping Our Studio’s Clean

  • The Saw Mill Club’s air and ventilation systems have undergone a thorough cleaning and have been calibrated to ensure maximum fresh air flow into all club spaces.
  • Deep cleaning of the entire Saw Mill Club facility using the Clorox 360 Hydrostatic Sprayer will occur weekly. Hydrostatic spray technology is state of the art for effectively disinfecting public spaces.
  • In addition to these measures, our dance studios will be equipped with air purifiers to ensure the cleanest air during dance classes.
  • All ballet barres and break dance/acro mats will be deeply sanitized after each class. 
  • For more information on The Saw Mill Club’s safety procedures, please visit their website at

Keep In Mind

As with every place your children will attend in these coming months, it is going to be a learning process for all -teachers and students alike. Some things will be a perfect fit from the start and other procedures may need some adjusting. We, as The Studio are wholly committed to keeping your children, our staff, teachers, and parents healthy & safe.

*Please note that all of these policies, procedures and measures are subject to change in compliance with federal, state and local law*