Teen Extreme (Ages 11+)

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Teen ballet is where you put all those years of training and hard work to the test! Students who have a strong foundation in placement, alignment, balance, and technique, will master more difficult movements to present professional quality routines. In this class, those students interested in progressing even further may choose to begin their Pointe training.

Adv. Ballet


One of our most technically challenging classes, Advanced Ballet puts forward the student’s many years of training and technique mastering and introduces more difficult routines with professional-like productions.

Theatre Jazz/Tap


Who’s ready to act and dance? Students with stars in their eyes use musical theater lessons to round out their dance and stage skills. Lessons incorporate modern and traditional hits to combine the many highlights of the musical theater world with Jazz and Tap routines!

Adv. Jazz


Advanced Jazz is a continuation of the skills students have been working hard to master. In this exciting and fast paced class, dancers will push themselves to learn the type of advanced technique that will push their abilities beyond the limit! 



One of our most technically challenging classes, Advanced Ballet puts forward the dancer’s many years of training to introduce the most rigorous routines with professional style productions. In addition, this class is dedicated to perfecting Pointe technique.

Please note, Pre-Pointe is a prequisite to this class.

Adv. Hip-Hop


Students will cultivate skills built in previous years to further increase their expertise and push their abilities to the next level!

Adv. Lyrical


Students will continue to blend Jazz and Ballet techniques, further increasing their skills with pieces that rely heavily on sentiment. This class will explore higher level skills to create numbers that display deep emotional expression. 

Pop Ballet


Would you like to expand your ballet skills in a fun way? Prefer to trade in those classical ballet songs for something more exciting and current? Pop Ballet is just the class for you! Dancers in this course will perfect their technique and stretch their abilities while learning routines based on the latest and coolest pop songs! 

Acro 3


Continue your training in the combination of dance and gymnastics! Acro is a branch of gymnastics that can elevate your dance ability! Continue to learn fundamental gymnastics skills that will benefit all other styles of dance. Students will gain coordination and balance while also learning gymnastics tricks such as somersaults, cartwheels, roundoffs and more!

Int. Hip Hop


Learn to dance like the stars of movies and music videos! Hip Hop is based on quick and sharp movements full of spunk and attitude! Join us in this exciting beginner class sure to boost confidence and be fun!