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I understand and agree that photos may be taken of me while attending The Studio and I understand that all photographs are the sole property of The Studio and may be used for promotional purposes. I also understand and agree that no payment will be made to me for the use of these photos

Prior to the start of any exercise or dance regimen, I understand and agree that I should be seen by a physician to determine any health concerns. As with all forms of exercise or dance, I understand and agree that there is the inherent possibility of injury or illness. I hereby release The Studio from any claim for injury or illness while participating or attending any of its dance or exercise programs

In the event of illness or injury to me, which in the judgment of The Studio staff requires emergency treatment, my permission is granted to call 911. I hereby release The Studio from any claim arising out of the doctor’s actions. All medical expenses shall be my responsibility.

I understand and agree that I am responsible for the entire tuition for the period studied. I understand that in order to receive any refunds, portion of refunds or class credits I must fill out the appropriate paperwork as well as meet all criteria for refunds, partial refunds and credits according to The Studio policies.

1) The Studio Policies are listed below that  outline the expectations and commitments of the dancers and their parents and/or legal guardians to The Studio. All dancers and their parents and/or legal guardians are expected to comply with the Policies, and if the Policies are not complied with, the Artistic Director reserves the right to withdraw the dancer from class or performance without refund.

2) Any correspondence to the dancers and their parents and/or legal guardians from The Studio that addresses procedures, rules, notifications, and information becomes part of the Policies.

3) The Artistic Director reserves the right to amend, add to, or change the Policies at any time as the Artistic Director deems appropriate, and will notify the dancers and their parents and/or legal guardians of such modifications.

4) Upon completing and signing the The Studio Registration Form, dancers and their parents and/or legal guardians acknowledge and accept the Policies.

5) Instructors are required to review and understand the Policies and notify the Artistic Director regarding Policy infractions.

6) Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

7) All classes are limited in size.

8) Written (email) notification is appreciated if a dancer withdraws from a class. No refund will be given after the 1st class attended.

9) Placement in classes is ultimately determined by the Artistic Director, who reserves the right to change placement after classes have begun.

10) All classes are subject to change.

11) Missed classes may be made up in a class of the same or lower level if arranged in advance with the Artistic Director. Refunds will not be given for missed classes.

12) No refunds or credits are given for missed classes and/or snow/storm days, however makeup classes can be arranged.

13) Additional makeup classes may be offered in seasons with excessive snow/storm days at the discretion of the Artistic Director

14) All dancers must arrive at class in proper attire as enumerated in the Class Attire section. Students will not be allowed to participate without proper shoes and attire.

15) The Studio enforces a dress code for all classes, rehearsals, competitions, and performances.

16) For your convenience and privacy, please email the studio to schedule an appropriate time to speak with the Artistic Director or an instructor.

17) Dancers, Parents, and care givers must treat one another, their instructors, and all Dance Factory Staff with respect.

18) Behavior that is disrespectful violates the Policies and/or puts an individual dancer, other dancers, instructors, volunteers, or visitors at risk will not be tolerated and dancers participating in this behavior may be asked to leave The Studio without a refund.

19) Dancers are responsible for cleaning up after themselves in the studios, lobby, bathroom, outside the studio, at rehearsals, competitions and performances.

20) The studio and staff are not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

21) All payments, including but not limited to tuition, payment plans, competition fees, recital fees, , late fees, costumes, and deposits must be paid in a timely fashion no later than the prescribed due date.

22) All payment obligations must be satisfied or dancers will not be allowed to participate in any class or performance until payment arrangements have been made.

23) Costume/performance fees for our recital will be $75 each and must be paid by the due date or late fees will be incurred and dancer will not be able to participate in class until payments are made.

24) Costume measurements will be obtained to determine the best sizes based on sizing charts provided by the costume companies. These are not custom costumes, therefore some alterations may be required and are the dancer’s responsibility.